July 16, 2016

This is just the Beginning...

Welcome to our website.  We created this for you, our honored guests, to tell you a little about our Love Story and to invite you to share with us in its continuation on our wedding day.


I met Rachel in 2003 in a first-year physics lab; we were lab partners.  However, other than going wall climbing once or twice we did not see each other again until 2008 where, by chance, we met at a book sale.  After going to a couple music concerts on campus we realized we really connected.   Our first date, though neither of us knew it at the time was in January 2009.  Rachel invited me to go skating at Olympic plaza one night; I hate skating but was eager to make an impression.   Unfortunately Rachel and I went to different train stations downtown, each eventually thinking the other had stood them up.  After over an hour of wandering downtown, I decided to go home but I would check the plaza one more time.  And there she was, in her pink winter coat, gliding on the ice by herself.  I joined her and, by pretending to be a little more unsteady than I actually was, I got to hold her hand.  That may have been the first of several awkward stumbling’s towards the beginnings of our relationship.  On Valentine’s Day I bought Rachel a bouquet of flowers and had my friend pose as a delivery man while I waited nervously in the car.  We had a wonderful dinner that night too; Rachel did not get the kiss she wanted but I was out of bravery for one day.  As March approached I knew I wanted to be with Rachel and began writing down what I might say to her to ask her out.  She beat me to the punch as it were as I came home one night to find a relationship status request on Facebook asking me to confirm I was in a relationship with Rachel.  “Hmm” I thought, “I have a girlfriend, I think.”

We made so many wonderful memories in the ensuing seven years, many of them on our excursions into the wilderness.  Most notably was the night I proposed.   I arranged a day for the two of us starting with spelunking in Canmore.  I had initially thought of proposing to Rachel in the cave but thought better of it on the hike up and decided to leave the ring with the baggage we left outside.  The cave was named rats nest cave for the bushy tailed wood rats that dwell there and, after the guide told us how the rats like to grab shiny things to incorporate into their nests I spent the rest of the trip with the nagging thought that Rachel’s engagement ring might be used as a rat’s bedding material.  Thankfully, it wasn’t. After caving we had a wonderful dinner   at Chez Francois.   I pulled the waitress aside and asked her a good place to propose; she advised Tapas restaurant.  Upon arriving at Tapas I realized this was not the right place and dragged a confused Rachel back to the car; she had expected a glass of wine!  We drove to the lake at the top of the dam and underneath the starry sky I got down on one knee, and asked Rachel to marry me.  She said yes, and the relief that flowed over me was incredible.

We are so happy that you will all be there to celebrate this next chapter of our life together.